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FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q: I think my walls are plaster board, can you still Wall mount my TV?

A: Yes, We always mount TVs on these types of walls, in fact 90% of our work is on new build homes, as long as the correct fixings and brackets are used, you will have no issues.

Q: Is there a size limit on TVs that you can wall mount?

A: As long as we can get a wall bracket to fit, and the wall and fixings used are suitable then No. In-fact very large screen TVs are readily available now, and we often wall mount TVs up to 65" and we have even wall mounted TVs over this up to 84"

Q: Do you supply Wall brackets and cables or do i have to?

A: Yes we can supply Wall brackets and leads, although they are readily available online, we recommend that you allow us to supply, the reason for this is. We are experts in this field, we know whats suitable and what's not! we will fit provided brackets if we deem them suitable for use, Don't compromise on price, If it seems to cheap, then it's more likely made cheap. We have came across some pretty poorly made wall brackets. We won't fit them!

Q: What happens after you chase our walls to hide cables? do we have to cover up?

A: No way! if we've had to chase, or cut access holes in your wall, then we fill them. it's that simple! we like to leave homes as we found them, we always have a qualified plasterer on hand for this task.

Q: What is the price range for your service?

A: Unfortunately we can't provide an accurate price range, as all jobs vary. We always like to call out and give a full estimate and our best possible price. We always have special offers on you can check them out here

Q: What if i work Monday to Friday? 

A: No problem, we'll fit you in on a weekend! we can provide a 7 day service for this reason.

Q: Can you wall mount my TV above a fire place?

A: This has been an issue for years, but the answer is yes! we have been doing this for over 10 years now and have had no problems what so ever.
Providing the TV doesn't stick out past past the mantle, then there should be problem. 

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