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Card payment machines are now on operation, so we can now take card payments to save time and inconvenience. 

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Pick a package that suits your preference or budget from below. We specialize in 5 types of TV wall mount installations

1. Bought your own
This is our fitting service only so in a nut shell... you supply the TV wall bracket and we'll bring  the tools and fit it. This service is available from only £49.00

2. Basic
This service is our most affordable hidden cable package. for only £99.00 you can see why. This is what you get

Flat or tilting wall bracket supplied & fitted (for all TV sizes up to 60") 
Power extension (single or double socket extension from nearest convenient socket)
1 x suitable length standard HDMI cable and aerial cable (up to 5m only)
Basic white plastic trunking to hide cables but when used creatively, it looks pretty descent! see the photos below, how well the basic trunking blends in. Hard to see eh?

TV on the wall north east installersNorth east TV installers and wall mounting

3. Basic+Plus 
this package gives you 4K HDMI leads & Premium trunking concealment for only £149.00
This is what you get

Flat or tilting wall bracket supplied & fitted (for all TV sizes up to 60")
Power extension (single or double socket extension from nearest convenient socket)
3 x 4K HDMI cables and aerial cable of suitable length (up to 5m only)
White D-line premium trunking to hide cables (paintable) also available in black and magnolia for additional charge but it is larger in diameter so may not look as pleasing on the eye 

Notice the media shelves in the photos below? we supply and fit these from only £39.00

TV wall mounting GatesheadTV wall mount hide cables sunderland

4. Better (popular with fire breast wall installations) £149.00 to £199.00 depending on cable requirements                          (quotation advised for best price)

This service combines both trunking and in wall cabling How you ask? Well let me explain...
We drill on an angle from behind the TV location, we then drill from the side until the 2 points meet. We like to call it Point2Point drilling or P2P we then dress off the cables in trunking to the point of origin for connection. Simple but effective 

TV wall mounting NewcastleTV wall mount installers north eastTV wall mount installation Chester le street

TV wall mount installation durham

5. Best (our specialty)
By far our most popular service typical installation cost £199.00 to £299.00
A typical installation consists of the following:                       (quotation advised for best price)

Flat or tilting wall bracket supplied & fitted
4K cable pack including 3 x 4K HDMI cables (various lengths available)
Extended TV power (power extension single or double to nearest available socket)
or Double mains socket fitted behind TV location and spurred of nearest available socket if possible
TV aerial cable installed (Cable from TV to equipment location, wall plate or existing cable)
In wall hidden cable service (Dot and Dab plaster board walls, solid walls any type of walls)
Wall repair by our very own professional plasterer (if necessary, not always required depending on wall type and installation method used)
3 year installation guarantee 

Please note: this type of installation can take anywhere from 3 - 8 hours depending on requirements and we don't usually book any other work in for that day if possible.

TV LED Lights
Why not add a bit more wow factor to your TV installation with our Great LED Lights. available for any TV and from only £35.00 supplied & fitted

For more information on any of our services above, please call us on 07981115974 or
Please fill in the contact form and leave inquiry in comment section, and we'll get back to you shortly. Thanks

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A little more...

Are you looking for a Professional, affordable TV wall mounting, Home CCTV service Or a Custom Home theatre installation? Do you hate the thought of unsightly cables and want them professionally hidden out of sight? or even a simple out the box set up? 
Well look no further!

Welcome to tv2wall the North Easts original TV wall mounting company.

We have been in the TV wall mounting business since 2005, and have wall mounted Hundreds of TVs all over the North East and North Yorkshire from a simple 15" bedroom TV to 84" 4k UHD TV. We are specialists in cable concealment and we never leave a job with any visible cables on show. our services vary from a simple TV on the stand set up (out the box installation) to custom home cinema installations including in wall cabling and HD distrribution, and every job is tailored to you. We can even install digital TV systems from a simple loft aerial to a multiroom network. So why choose anyone else?   

Here's what we can do.

  • Wall mount TVs (Plasma/LED/LCD/3D Smart TV  & curved TV specialists)
  • Specialise in stud and cavity wall installations (New builds etc)
  • Cable concealment specialists (wall chasing & plastering)
  • Install TV in both domestic and commercial premises
  • Install TV to ceilings (I beam/steel girder installation specialists)
  • Set up TV (out the box installation and set up service)
  • Suppliers of TV Wall brackets and leads (HDMI cables etc)
  • Install HD projectors and projector screens for  home theatre systems
  • Surround sound and sound bar installations
  • Ceiling speakers fitted
  • Custom home cinema installations
  • TVs wall mounted in caravans and motorhomes
  • Hide cables
  • TV wall bracket installers 
  • Smart TV installation and set up connection to wifi networks
  • 3D Curved TV wall mounting specialists
  • TV cleaning specialists (TV screen safe cleaning)

and much more, if you can't see the service you require or unsure please get in  touch and we'll be glad to help!

      Have a look at some of recent TV wall mount installations here.                                                                                         


84TV wall mounting service

This is one of our most recent installations.
We wall mounted this 84" LG 3D 4K ultra HD TV onto a Dot and Dab wall, using an extra large flat mount wall bracket, and specially sourced bolts to attach bracket arms to TV. On hand for the installation was, myself including: Davy (trainee technician) and in the photo from left to right, Jim (senior technician and audio specialist) and Robbie (installations and Plastering) The TV weighed 75 Kg and required a 4 man team. 


Curved TVs wall mounted

Curved TV on wallDo you have a curved screen TV you need wall mounted? Then you're in the right place!

We can correctly wall mount any size curved screen TV, using correct brackets and with our expert guidance, we can advice on suitable heights and locations to maximise your viewing experience. Just fill in the form below or call or text us any time on 
0798 111 5974

Sound Bar and TV
Sound bars fitted

Do you have a sound bar you want fitting?
Well tv2wall can do that for you.
Sound bars are the perfect combination to wall mounted TVs to add cinema sound experience to fill your room. tv2wall have the skills and knowledge to correctly install all types of sound bars SONOS, BOSE,SAMSUNG and many more.                                                   

In wall cable concealment service including professional plasteringDo you want your cables Hidden, Totally out of sight?

This is our specialty... With our  team of fully trained technicians and qualified plasterers, of Gees Plastering, we honestly believe that you wont get a better service. 

hidden in wqll cablestv2wall can hide cables in trunking or in walls with amazing effects and at prices to suit all budgets. Just call us or fill in one of the inquiry forms on this page and we'll be glad to advise you.

 Please contact us here or text if you prefer on
 0798 111 5974

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Ask yourself this...

Who would you trust to safely and securely wall mount your TV?

A local handyman? Someone a friend knows? A man who says he can? or tv2wall?
Unsure? well... here's a few questions for you to answer.

  • Do you have the right tools, skills and knowledge to wall mount it Correct and Safe?
  • We Do!
  • Do you know what fixings are required for certain types of walls? Stud, cavity, brick?
  • We Do!
  • Do you have testing equipment to locate live wires and studs etc within your walls?
  • We Do!
  • Could you physically lift your 50" TV up on to the wall and wall mount it?
  • We Can!
  • Have you, or someone you know, wall mounted hundreds of TVs?
  • We Have!
  • Would you know what type of TV wall bracket is best suited for your TV or room?
  • We Do!
  • So... Do you want to chance it?
  • We Do!

Please fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please note: you must provide either an email address or contact telephone number, so we can respond to your inquiry. Thank you!

Want a GUARANTEE? of course you do.

We offer 5 year installation guarantees, which are available for most TV installations and wall mounts we carry out on solid walls only. We offer 1-5 year guarantees on installations carried out on cavity wall types. All our guarantees depend on the wall material and condition. We will always assess and discuss this with you before we attempt to carry out any installation.

D-line cable coincealmentTV wall bracketTV wall Brackets, cables & leads we supply and trust!

Please note that all the TV wall brackets and cables tv2wall supply are of the very highest of standards, yes their maybe cheaper alternatives out there and we will fit them for you however, you always get what you pay for, and we can confidently say that we only use the products that we have independently tested ourselves and are, 100% satisfied that they meet all current standards and requirements for modern TVs including 3D TV, HDTV, gaming etc and of course, your peace of mind. All our supplied products also come with a standard 12 month guarantee, as well as our not to be beaten available 5 year installation guarantee too.

Send us your inquiry here: [email protected] or call us on:
0798 111 5974 for a quicker response! We always get back in touch, after all we rely on your business

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